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The CBD Handbook: Using and Understanding CBD and Medical Cannabis

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

If you are a subscriber to Aromatika’s newsletter, then you may already know about this book special related to a review we made in the Bookshelf section of our 2021 winter issue.

We had a chance to review the recently published 'The CBD Handbook: Using and Understanding CBD and Medical Cannabis' from Aeon Books. The author is Karin Mallion who is a degree qualified medical herbalist running her practice in England, whilst simultaneously having owned and managed three health stores, one of which specialised in cannabidiol therapy. Her new book aims to fill the gaps in our understanding of CBD and is meant to serve as an accessible guide with a history and overview of CBD and cannabis, detailed look at their phytochemistry, and lists in detail conditions and ailments CBD can help with. Mallion’s writing style makes this handbook easy to use not only for practitioners and professionals, but also invaluable for patients and those who are simply interested in the subject. For instance, when describing phytochemistry, she uses what she calls the "cake analogy" to detail plants' constituents or ingredients. This means that even the lay person will benefit from reading this book as Mallion deftly avoids using professional jargon often found in scientific literature on this topic.

And… for those of you interested in this wonderful book, today is also the last call for taking advantage of a great book discount. Courtesy of AEON Books, publisher of The CBD Handbook: Using and Understanding CBD and Medical Cannabis to Aromatika readers and followers! Please use discount code CB20 for 20% off on AEON Books website here. The code is valid until 31 January 2022.

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