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The effect of stress and anxiety on sleep

"Sleep problems caused by stress and anxiety are widespread, and most people have probably experienced them at some point in their life. If stress and anxiety only affect sleep for a few days, then it’s not a problem, but for some, they become a chronic issue and can severely affect their quality of life. It also becomes a vicious circle with sleeplessness causing its own stress and anxiety about not sleeping."

Christine Herbert FAMH, DipAET, BA(Hons) brings a wealth of knowledge into this highly current health issue, from her decades of practice as a biomedical scientist and master herbalist, using a combination of many skills including nutrition, aromatic medicine and flower essence therapy in order to be best able to help people in need. In her article you find in the autumn issue of Aromatika Magazine, Christine takes us on a tour to explain the complexity of stressors, hormonal responses throughout our body, and lists several methods accessible to anyone to apply for relaxation and decreasing stress. She also shares with us three illuminating case studies from her many clients and shows how herbal remedies help to alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety on sleep in different life situations.

"Adaptogenic herbs regulate the production of cortisol which can reduce stress. Some adaptogenic herbs can be stimulants, so some may be better taken in the morning – but that stimulation is not the same as the caffeine stimulation of coffee. It is a far more tonic effect. Overall, adaptogens will create much more relaxation, which will allow sleep to be deeper and more rejuvenating."

Are you interested in learning more on adaptogenic herbs and how to counteract the effect of stress and anxiety on sleep and just everyday life? You will find the article in the autumn edition of Aromatika Magazine (2021. 8.3.1)

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