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The Myth and Magic of Being a Creator By Anita Kalnay

The role of any artisan or creator is to use your imagination in such a way as to make something REAL.

As Natural Perfumers, we paint in scent. Our palette is the skin, and YOUR skin is the last ingredient.

Natural Perfuming is an interactive process that comes alive once the essence of the design interacts and is literally 'painted' on your skin – and each person's palette might respond very differently to each scent. “Your skin is the last ingredient.

Every artisan is different in their approach. When I first started to explore art as a visual artist, we used to copy as a way to learn. As musicians, we play songs until they become familiar and perhaps use improvisation to put our take on them or create a rhythmic harmony if that's our style. And even at that, it takes courage and skill to improvise the originality that comes out of being actively engaged and present in the moment.

Natural Perfuming is a study of many different materials and the skill of learning to compose using various theme categories. And much like colour composition, if you used every scent in the box, it would be a big mess of grey without focus. So, more is not better.

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