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Therapeutics vs. Aesthetics – The Aromatherapists Guide to Creating a Balanced Natural Perfume

“My aromatic training was unusual in that I started out by accidentally falling into the fragrance industry before I trained in aromatherapy.” - says Karen Gilbert, fragrance expert, author, teacher and speaker who runs courses in the UK and online which demystify the secretive world of perfumery in a fun and interactive way. In her article ‘Therapeutics vs. aesthetics - The aromatherapists guide to creating a balanced natural perfume’ Karen highlights differences in blending for aromatherapy in contrast to perfumery.

“I get many aromatherapists joining my classes who know their stuff therapeutically but struggle to translate their knowledge into creating natural perfume. Today I want to share some tips on how to translate your aromatherapy knowledge into a balanced natural perfume. Its something I instil in all my perfumery students no matter the level of experience.”

“So what is an accord? An accord is a harmonious blend of two or more materials that, when combined, no longer smell of one thing or the other but something new. There is such a temptation to just dive in and try to make a perfume entirely, but if you do this, you'll end up disheartened when things don’t work out and give up. Or waste loads of time and expensive materials.“

To stretch your skills, to understand accords and methods as how to combine your fragrant material into balanced perfumes, find this enlightening introduction article from Karen Gilbert in AROMATIKA Magazine 2021 Spring 8.1.1. edition.

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