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This edition is 104 pages. A digital product

Aromatika magazine 11.2. 2024. SUMMER

    6–11 Eliane Zimmermann: Khella, the rather unknown aromatic giant Visnaga daucoides Gaertn.

    12–19 Gergely Hollodi: Interview with Julia Lawless

    16–24 Gergely Hollodi: Interview with Deby Atterby

    28–35 Gergely Hollodi: Interview with Dr. Dietrich Gümbel

    36–41 Michelle Ensley: Interview with David Crow

    38–42 Rita Van Parys: Interview with Dominique  Baudoux


    48–53 Marialuisa Sanna: Green myrtle in Sardinia


    54–59 Madeleine Kerkhof, Kicizo: Skin tears

    62–68 Caroline Rowles: Use of essential oils to support peri-menopausal and menopausal women

    70–79 Bobbi Misiti: Skin deep is deeper than you think

    80–90 Valerie Gottlieb-Landis: Essential oils are solutions or the effects of our environment on mast cells

    96–100 Anita Kalnay: Flying colours – sustainable 'backyard use of plants for colour...


    102–111 Dorothy Abram: In pursuit of the mystery and meanings of the sweet violet' Part 2.


    112–115 Doreen DeSerres DuJardin: Getting deep

    118–123 Dr Peter Babulka: What research says about herbs and essential oils

    124 Julia Lawless: Mud, Salt + Medicine

    125 Julian Barker: Eat well, feel well – Slow cooking in a short while

    126 Margi Flint: An introduction ot the practicing herbalist

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