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This edition is 114 pages. A digital product

Aromatika magazine 7.3.1. 2020.AUTUMN


    6–11   Dr. Kelly Ablard: White sage: a sustainable vision quest



    14–19  Elizabeth Ashley: Black pepper and scrambled eggs

    20–24  Eliane Zimmermann: Lemon oil – a relaxing stimulation 

    26–29   Heidi (Amaru) Nielsen: Palo santo (Bursera graveolens)



    30–31   Gabriel Mojay: Aromatic sonett: Sage

    32–35   Jan Kusmirek: Sentient trees or just trees



    38–43   Ildikó Berecz: Stand by me with your aromas – a case study

    44–48   Micah Sweeney: Raynaud's phenomenon – an aromatic exploration

    50–53   Tímea Szölőssy: It became my profession to pass on this queenly feeling to women (interview)

    54–57   Jonathan Benavides: Train to the light, an aromatic journey in palliative care

    58–62   Dr. Timothy Miller – Dr. Nancy Scarlett: An essential oil heavy-hitter in the battle with MRSA

    64–69   Gabriella Schütz Two perfumes, one path (interview)

    70–73   Gabriella Schütz: Vintage Beauty – beauty care at its highest standard (interview)


    7th SENSE

    78-89        Vanessa Jean Boscarello: Sacred florals

    90–93    Lorraine Spiteri: Pain

    94–100    Dr. Bruce Berkowsky: Essential oils and the divine feminine

    102–105 Gabriella Schütz: If the essential oil of Ylang-ylang could talk...



    120–122   Gabriella Schütz: Interview with scent-aesthetician Csenge Lipovszky



    110–112   What research says about herbs and essential oils...

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