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This edition is 116 pages. A digital product

Aromatika magazine 8.3.1. 2021. AUTUMN


    6–10 Kelly Ablard PhD, RA, MIFPA: Climate change – will aromatherapy weather the storm?



    12–17 Helen Nagle-Smith BA, MIFPA: A tribute to Petitgrain Mandarin and Petitgrain Lemon

    18–23 Elizabeth Ashley: Helichrysum – advocating against using the essential oil

    24–28 Jan Kusmirek: Questionable aromascience



    30–38 Christine Herbert FAMH, DipAET, BA (Hons): The effect of stress and anxiety on sleep



    42–50 Beti M. Turner LMT, Cert. AT: Aromatherapy and the anatomy of grief

    54–60 Tanya Moulding: Kew – The secret world of plants



    64–73 Ildiko Berecz: Extractions and Distractions A Survival Guide for Aromatic Living in Lockdown – Part 2.

    74–78 Rafael Parducci: A direct experience of life with the spirit of the Palo Santo tree (Bursera graveolens)


    7th SENSE

    84-89 Doreen DeSerres DuJardin: Aromatic botanical energetics as animal spirit guides

    90-93 Elizabeth Ashley: Developing aromatic intuition with the aid of the Tongue of the Trees

    94–97 Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens: Mother Tulsi

    98–101 Gabriella Schütz: If the Essential Oil of Cistus Could Talk...



    102–105 Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens: Plum, peach and pineapple crumble, Pumpkin soup

    106–111 Mariann Beh: Melissa in the kitchen



    112–114 What research says about herbs and essential oils.



    115 Gergely Hollodi: Amaia Dadachanji – Wild apothecary

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