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This edition is 88 pages. A digital product

Aromatika magazine Perfume Special 10.E. 2023.

  • 6–10 Anita Kalnay: The myth and magic of being a creator – SHiBUI – eliminating the UN-essential

    12–17 Tanya Moulding: Tenacious P – a paean to Patchouli

    18–27 Ildikó Berecz: Interview with botanical perfumer Zoe Strantzali – a time travel to fragrant ancient Greece

    28–31 Cher Lynne: Simplke tools to begin making perfume

    32–35 Sarah McCartney: How I started and why I keep going

    36–40 Ruth Ruane: Exploring the essence of natural botanical perfumery: a journey into the world of scent

    42–46 Karen Gilbert: Natural perfumery in 2023 and beyond – changing face of the natural perfumery palette

    50–53 Miriam Rose Amarante: Smell and the Internet – exclusive perfumes elaborated at a distance

    54–59 Mandy Aftel: The Museum of Scent

    62–69 Ildikó Berecz: Ceremonial perfumery co-distillations of aromatic plants

    72-75 Françoise Rapp: Unveiling the role of today's perfumes: their impact upon mind, body and spirit

    76-79 Doreen DeSerres DuJardin: Mermaids in Parfum

    82-86 Zaga Čolovic: The impact of sustainability in perfumery – eco-friendly fragrance trends

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