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This edition is 88 pages. A digital product

Aromatika magazine Perfume Special 9.E. 2022.

  • 6–13 Anita Kalnay: The perfume of consciousness

    14–19 Tanya Moulding: Olfactory portals creating experiential landscapes with perfume

    20–23 Suzanne R. Banks: The difference between aromatherapy and perfumery

    26–31 Cher Grosse: The perfumed odyssey of an aromatherapist

    32–35 Bowen Wei: The perfume oracle

    36–40 Tamar Weinberg: How postpartum depression led me to launching a perfume brand

    42–47 Karen Gilbert: The science and psychology of scent and how we can use it to shift our state

    50–53 Paul Kiler: Natural medicine and perfume raw materials in the Bible – a family story behind

    54–63 Saskia Wilson-Brown: Mandy Aftel discusses 'Essence and Alchemy'

    66–71 Ildikó Berecz: From botanical perfumery to plant alchemy

    72-75 Roxana Villa: Correspondence: The alchemical principal in action, reflecting life and perfume

    76-80 Doreen DeSerres DuJardin: Pure parfumery: true aromatic essences – divine scent

    82-87 Slobodanka Poštić: Short history of using natural fragrant materials

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