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This edition is 124 pages. A digital product

Aromatika magazine 7.2.1. 2020.SUMMER


    6–9  Jan Kusmirek: Conifers

    10–14  Jade Shutes: Bergamot (Monograph)

    16-25  Jasmine Bues: Japanese aromas: history, uses, and comparisons

    26–29  Dr. Kamilla Ács: Therapeutic indications of ginger and its essential oil



    30–33  Marika Fleri: My COVID-19 experience



    36–39  Heidi (Amaru) Nielsen: Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)



    40–47  Ildikó Berecz: Marjoram - Reclaim your calm, regain your strength



    48–53  Gergely Hollódi: The Untamed AlchemistTM - Interview with Kristina Bauer

    54–57  Gergely Hollódi: Lavandula Revolution - Interview with József Tóth the Szomód Lavender farmer

    58–63  Gabriella Schütz: The alchemist, who swears on hydrosols - Interview with Norbert Kiss



    64–67  Eliane Zimmermann: Fragrant molecules & their interaction with the envelopes of some viruses

    68–71  Deby Atterby: Anxiety

    72–76  Jonathan Benavides: Decomposition, an act of letting go



    78–82  Sue Mousley: Working with mental health and emotions

    84–86  Jon Tay: My aromatherapy and palliative care journey with my mother

    88–91  Lora Cantele: Understanding the challenges of a child with autism or special needs


    7th SENSE

    94-98  Elizabeth Ashley: Connecting with nature

    100-104  Felicity Warner: Sacred oils for transitions and change

    106-108  Lorraine Spiteri: Finding my way

    110-115  Dr. Bruce Berkowsky: Archetyped images, juniper oil and Cowboy Jack

    116-118  Gabriella Schütz: If the essential oil of Myrrh could talk...



    120–122  Gabriella Schütz: Kukui, the undiscovered beauty oil (Aleurites moluccanus (L.) Willd.)

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