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Order process and terms of purchase online (GTC – General Terms and Conditions)

The structure of the Aromatika web store allows customers access to convenient shopping and fast information. Within our web store designed for digital products, you can easily navigate and select products. The process is similar to buying from a catalogue store. The purchase requires registration on behalf of the buyer. Detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy which is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – 2016/679) and the applying data protection and other regulations of Hungary (Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, Act XLVIII of 2008 on Business Advertising Activity). (hereinafter Aromatika online store) is an internet catalogue operated by Gergely Jenő Hollódi sole proprietor (hereinafter Service provider) By placing an order electronically through the Aromatika webshop, a purchase contract is concluded between Service provider and the individual or company placing the order (hereinafter Customer) in accordance with the conditions described in this document. During the ordering process, the Customer accepts the Terms and Conditions by filling out the page summarising the order data, accepting the statements on data protection policies, newsletters, direct marketing, and then sending it electronically, and then becomes entitled to purchase.

The purchase contract is based on the Service provider as a seller and between the Customer as a buyer. The Service provider is only responsible for orders placed via the online store or to the e-mail address


When filling in the delivery and invoicing data, the Customer shall provide the data required for the purchase. The service provider fulfils the order and issues the invoice accordingly. All liability for damages resulting from the provision of incorrect or false data shall be borne by the Customer. The service provider is entitled to cancel the obviously incorrect or false orders, and in case of doubt, she is entitled to check the authenticity of the Customer. The current retail/consumer (gross) price is always available on the product data sheet. Where indicated, the current promotional (gross) price is the offer price of the product. The offer price is valid at the given moment and becomes a final price only if the Customer completes the steps of the ordering process correctly and approves the order.


The final price of the product is the price that is indicated in the email confirmation sent out to the Customer about the order. The final price for stock-only promotions is only valid while the product is in stock. If an order or orders are modified or merged for any reason, the modified order is subject to the conditions in force at the time of the modification. The customer acknowledges that by accepting its order(s), it accepts this contract and, by failing to comply with it, commits a breach of contract for which it is legally liable. The Customer undertakes to arrange for the receipt and payment of the consignments containing the goods ordered in the orders approved by him in accordance with the delivery and payment methods chosen by him. Until the invoice is settled, the above goods remain in the property of the Service provider, which the Customer acknowledges and accepts by accepting these Terms and Conditions.


Process of shopping


First, select the product(s) listed in the store. By clicking on the given product icon, the description, and image, and the price is displayed. Clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ sign places the product in the virtual Shopping Cart. Feel free to roam, browse our pages, the system will keep track of what has been chosen and items placed in the basket will stay there unless removed or the window is closed.


Our system will send a summary email about the order to the email address provided during registration. Upon receipt of the total sum of the ordered product(s) - according to the chosen payment method - to the account of the Service provider, the Customer will receive a one-time download link via email. By entering the web store with the email provided during registration, the Customer may download the ordered and paid digital product(s) from the ‘My downloads’ folder in their account in a pdf file. Customers can download digital files of Compilations (may include several volumes) in .zip compression. After extracting the zip-compressed file, each issue becomes printable. Please note that links for download can only be used one time. After fulfilling your purchase, a digital invoice will be sent out to the Customer to the email address provided during registration.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions offered in the Aromatika online store are offered as 'Yearly plans'. A Yearly plan consists of 4 (four) consecutive issues of the magazine. The plan starts with the 'current issue' (latest published issue) and ends with the last of the plan (the fourth issue). As a default, if Customer has not set their payment preferences in PayPal (as a means of payment option) otherwise, our system will automatically charge Customer's PayPal account for another recurrent year of subscription. It is the Customer's right to opt out from another year of subscription any time, but once a yearly plan is purchased and collected, all four issues will be delivered to Customer. (further Subscriber). Every issue (of the yearly plan ordered and paid) is sent to Subscriber via email or if the file exceeds the size allowed to be sent in the data bracket, via WeTransfer or similar file sharing services.

Scope of the contract


This contract enters into force upon approval of the order and terminates upon fulfilment of the order. In the case of a subscription (currently not available), the contract shall remain in force until all claims of the parties against each other have been satisfied.

With each purchase, an order identification number is automatically generated, which is indicated in the order confirmation e-mail sent to the address provided by the Customer.

The unconditional right of withdrawal is governed by the 45/2014. (II. 26.) Hungarian Government Regulation. In accordance with the regulation: in the contract concluded at the same time as the order, the buyer agrees to waive the right of unconditional withdrawal termination in accordance with the regulation with regard to the digital data content provided on an intangible medium. The purchase will only be made if the customer accepts this option during the order process. See. 45/2014. (II.26.) Government Regulation § 29 (1) m) and 45/2014. (II.26.) Government Regulation Section 29 (1) j).

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