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Climate change – will aromatherapy weather the storm?

Our In Focus article features a critical essay about sustainability. Dr. Kelly Ablard, the founder of Airmid Institute, writes about endangered species of essential oil-bearing plants and the possibilities we can do to preserve them for future generations and save the plant kingdom's diversity. Let's just highlight the following:

"The issue of the sustainability of carrier and essential oil-bearing plants, and their extracts sourced for use in aromatherapy, is inseparable from the threat to the global natural environment and from factors that contribute to the ravages of climate change."

"Drought, flood, unpredictable and extreme weather events, temperature fluctuation, shifting ranges, and plant pathogen invasions are but a few examples of the biotic (living factors) and abiotic (non-living factors) stressors on essential and carrier oil- bearing plants."

Lots of food for thoughts in the article of Dr. Kelly who offers us innumerable specific examples and references from all over the world in order to demonstrate how these key influential factors individually, and collectively are playing out and affect plants, animals and all of us on this Earth.

Thank you all for joining us in our mission creating awareness to keep our aromatic and medicinal plants respected, protected and cared for! To read the full article, get your copy of Aromatika Magazine from the shop. You will find the article in the autumn edition of Aromatika Magazine (2021. 8.3.1)

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