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Correspondence: The alchemical principal in action, reflecting life & perfume

“In living the alchemical path, we perceive beyond the usual, seeing within and without the parameters of the Earthly plane. Alchemy teaches us to see past the illusion, and practice the middle path, standing rooted, like an ancient oak.“ - Roxana Villa

“I was first made aware of the associations of alchemy and aromatics in the late nineties during a breakfast with Jan Kusmirek, the founder and owner of Fragrant Earth. I had taken advantage of Jan being in the United States and sponsored him to come to Los Angeles to teach a class for my aromatherapy students. The next morning, before driving him to the airport, we had a chance to talk over breakfast.”

We have so much of history contained in the PERFUME Special Edition of Aromatika Magazine, ancient and contemporary! A map of who is who draws a wonderful outline for anyone who wishes to follow the aromatic threads that have been woven into creative fragrant journeys across the globe!

Roxana Villa is the founder of Illuminated Perfume, and she teaches natural perfumery in her School of Lost Arts. Read her article ‘Correspondence: The alchemical principal in action, reflecting life & perfume’ where Roxana describes beautifully the alchemical tradition in our aromatic thinking and practices.

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