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DYI Aromatic Travel Pillow

Due to the pressure dropping prior to damp weather, the body's tissues swell. This can put pressure on joints and irritate the surrounding nerves. This may result in a dull and lingering pain especially in the neck and shoulders.

Now, I have good news! I tell you how I prepared an aromatic travel pillow for neck and shoulders. The pillow can be pre-heated if necessary. The pillow always helped my aches. When pre-heating, I always place the pillow in the stove – of course only for a few minutes and at 60 Celsius only! Warmth is beneficial but too much heat is not good for inflamed joints!

What you will need

A pair of socks, rice or coarse grain salt (as much as to fill to socks),

15 drops of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil.


1. Pour the rice or salt in a bowl. Put the essential oil on the rice or salt and mix well with a glass rod.

2. Fill both socks with the rice/salt and slip them into each other at the ankle part. Don't overfill it!

3. Saw the ankle parts together so the socks are connected.

Gabriella Shchütz - Aromatika Editor

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