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Natural medicine and perfume raw materials in the Bible

“This article is pretty much a show-and-tell article about something from my Family’s past heritage, as it relates to natural raw materials used in the past, and my admiration for what they mean to me now as a Professional Perfumer.” - Paul Kiler

“Looking at the collection of materials, minerals, liquids and solids found in these vials provides me inspiration for research, a bit of enlightenment into thinking about these materials used in Perfumery, and additional admiration for my Grandfather.”

Paul Kiler is a professional and freelance perfumer who lives in California. He started to learn to be a Perfumer in 2005, launching his first scents for PK Perfumes in 2011. Paul helped launch the Zoologist Perfumes brand with two scents, Rhinoceros and Panda, in 2014. Now he works for many brands making their scents and for his own brands. He really loves scents, makes his own never before made molecules for unique odours, makes some natural extractions rarely used by others, and scours the world for really nice naturals to use in his perfumes.

In the PERFUME Special Edition of Aromatika Magazine read this inspirational family story written by Paul Kiler about his grandfather's legacy for his doctorate thesis written on a collection of biblical aromatics, and natural medicines and perfume raw materials in the Bible.

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