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Welcome to the 2023 Spring edition (10.1) of Aromatika magazine! Viktoria Ferencz has written Part 2 of Traditional Herbalism and Aromatherapy in the Peruvian Sacred Valley.

Due to the lack of information about Peruvian aromatic plants and their essential oils, this article aims to collect and summarize the knowledge from available scientific resources. After compactly describing the selected aromatic plants, there is a summary of all the essential oils and their components and three detailed essential oil profiles.

In this highly informative article, Viktoria has profiled the plant's herbal and essential oil properties. She has taken a deep dive into 7 Peruvian medicinal plants and shares with us the following information: Range, Part Used, Main Components, Preparation, Internal Use, External Use, Other Uses, Curative-Properties, Essential oil yield, Main Chemical Components, and Essential oil Therapeutic Effects.

" According to my experience, finding someone preparing essential oils in the Sacred Valley is not common. Producing essential oils is only feasible as local producers and distillers cooperate in large quantities from plants with high essential oil content. In some cases, the limitation to making essential oils is the availability of herbs. No one collects them in quantities needed for essential oil distillation."

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