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Tao of Aromancy: Art of divination with Aroma

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

“The word Aromancy quite surprisingly does not exist in any dictionary. Mancy comes from a word of Greek origin manteia, meaning divination or “to be inspired by a god” thus, Aromancy is an attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of Aroma... aroma, in this case, comes from the spirit of the plant. The discovery is often accidental, and it changes the course of life who is involved.”

We have a long-awaited article from Bowen Wei, Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Bowen, who was born in Japan and lived in the West for 40 years, describes himself as “I am nothing but a collection of my experiences.” We are honoured to witness the fruits of these experiences as a healer and teacher with incredible knowledge. As an acupuncturist and massage therapist, Bowen Wei had a chance to offer courses in subtle touch. He wanted to share the concept of Oriental Medicine’s Five Elements, a way in which students have the direct sensory experience. This is how the “Tao of Aromancy: Art of Divination with Aroma” was born. An Aromancy session, which is a journey into the world of aromatic treasures, and is a process where students learn a new language. This language is as old as humanity itself, spoken in every culture, but perhaps for the first time, we have access to plants from all over the world within our arms reach.

Learn about Bowen’s fascinating counselling method that involves natural perfumery with therapeutic intention, and had evolved over his journeys using essential oils according to Yin & Yang, Five Elements, the Tao and other Oriental Medicine concepts. Find more on The Tao of Aromancy in the winter edition of AROMATIKA Magazine. Subscribe or download is available via our shop.

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