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Aromatic pathways

“How we view the world is a matter of our state of mind and its thought perception. This emotional state will affect and change the homeostasis of the body. Our autonomic nervous system helps transform thoughts and emotions into physical realities. One may think of "walking" as a pathway within the mind. Pure botanicals, the true essential oils, and synergies of such hydrosols and aromatic herbs assist with balancing our nervous system, ease stress, promote wellness, and o er space for personal inner development. When used in conjunction with meditation, they will increase our "mindfulness", allowing one to garner more peace in everyday life situations.”

In line with the encouragement from Jan Kusmirek’s wonderful article ‘Smelling life smelling nature’ as to spend more time with our plants and gardens, and the beautiful writing of botanical perfumer Zita Gyurokovics ‘Nature's perfumes – Mindfulness and well-being’, the next piece from our Summer issue of AROMATIKA promoting Nature as a grounding healer comes from our dear friend Doreen DeSerres DuJardin from Nature's Spirit Aromatherapy. With so much love and gratitude in our hearts for Doreen being a wonderful woman, teacher and inspirer, we offer you her closing lines from her latest writing ‘Aromatic pathways’:

“We may choose our paths to suit our desires and needs of the present moment in which we experience the inward journey.”

Excerpt from the Summer issue, and you can download the full magazine on 138 colourful pages from our shop.

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