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Artisan distillation – good knowledge is vital

We have taken this picture for our article titled “Rosemary – our guerrilla distillation experience” appearing in the Aromatika 2016. 3.2 issue. Artisan distillation is a movement, which does not necessarily target industrial quantities but seeks users and lovers of aromatherapy and botanical/natural perfumery. Most artisan distillers prefer to utilise the advantages of a given terrain and local climate and produce essential oils and hydrosols respecting the philosophy of eco-friendliness and fair-trade.

Distillation, the legacy of alchemist undergoes a renaissance today. It is science and art in one. That is why a good artisan distiller has not only passion but good technical knowledge too. We regularly review and use literature for professional aromatherapy so that we and readers can utilise information on plants of the aromatic world.

One of the important resources for us was the indispensable reference book Essential Oil Safety (2015, Elsevier) by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young.

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