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At The Alembics Lab with Jill Mulvaney

Today we honour all the lovely people from the wide range of aromatic fields that ever offered their knowledge, wisdom and creativity to fill our long days of connecting and editing, all who came to distilling their passion into education, thus contributed to fill the colourful pages of Aromatika Magazine. We believe that co-creation is manifold, and the benefits are somewhat timeless, unmeasurable and re-create life in their own mysterious ways for us to harvest at various stages.

To wrap up our pre-Botanica series of posts, we would like to tune in to Botanica2022’s feature theme Past - Present - Future by drawing inspiration from the prolific and adventurous aromatic crafter Jill Mulvaney from New Zealand. While Jill’s Botanica lecture is titled “Tarata: A view of a New Zealand Native - past, present and future”, we are just as (or even more) excited about her workshop on ‘Spirituous Waters’ - an ancient technique for our modern times!

Jill Mulvaney is distiller, extractor and blender of aromatics, with over 25 years of experience. She teaches and consults on all aspects of plant extraction, aroma, and natural flavour. Jill also develops ideas and products for a wide range of industries, and is behind a number of award-winning gins. Her teaching partnerships with international phytochemists and aromatic distillers in Europe and America, and her experience distilling New Zealand and Australian natives form the basis of her deep engagement with the natural world – which remains her greatest inspiration. Jill is passionate about the character of plants and the alchemical wonder of distillation and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, which is why she founded ‘The Alembics Lab’, to teach and share her knowledge.

While we hold some Aromatika perks for you all for later, right now we can’t wait to be there and enjoy Jill Mulvaney’s warm teaching style and sense of humour (that has made her live Alembics NZ workshops so popular!) during her appearance at the botanica2022 aromatherapy conference online this weekend!

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