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Be careful about what you wish for

“The recent history of aromatherapy in the 21st century has highlighted the difference between those set on an orthodox medical approach to therapy and those who relate more to complementary or alternative approaches.” - as Jan Kusmirek sets the context of his article. As usual from him, a thorough and highly sophisticated journey through information on the aim to make you think and help you get equipped in reading between the regulatory lines.

“This has, of course, which is typical of the European regulatory scenario, stopped the development of new and effective plant-based medicines. Remedies based upon further traditional use, particularly from aromatherapy, have generally been unable to gain traction in the medical context. Why so? To obtain a license now requires the same level of cost and requirements, including trials as the pharmaceutical industry. This cost is prohibitive as it was designed to be. Big Pharma, as it is known, is the most powerful lobby worldwide alongside the arms industry. Jealous of its reputation and out standing successes in the medicines field, it is understandable that the drug industry will not give way to witches, herbalists, and folk tradition even if the remedies are demonstrated to be successful.”

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