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Cistus ladanifer – Intriguing plant from the wild fields of Portugal

“Have you met Cistus ladanifer already?

While visiting wild areas of Portugal she reached out to me with sweet and dominant aroma. One day, ten years ago, this contact was profound. She knocked on the door of unreached perception so this could be opened for her.”

“Ten years ago, I was not expecting to tell this story today. I was not expecting anything at all. The relationship between Cistus ladanifer and us has built up. I am an Estonian and came to Portugal. Marco was here, and he had the experience to walk on the fields surrounded by Cistus ladanifer in his childhood. His relationship with Rockrose even may have been born in earlier days. Who knows?”

We are so delighted that Marju Kivi accepted our invitation to share her extraordinary experiences walking her aromatic path. Marju is an Estonian living in Portugal since 2000. She is a mother, gardener, aromatic distiller and natural perfumer who loves observing Nature, its beauty, variety and functionality. Marju and her partner founded the Naturalness Essential Oil Distillery in 2012 to follow their calling and unfold their true destiny…

Be aware: the article is highly sensorial, and ultimately inspiring! If you read that, something will change in you… It’s in our TRADITIONS section of our new SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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