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Copy of Aromatika 2023 Spring edition is now available

Dear Aromatika Readers,

Welcome to the 2023 Spring edition (10.1.) of Aromatika magazine! As winter gives way to spring here in the northern hemisphere, we celebrate with the release of a fantastic new aromatic issue that is now available in the shop.

Our new column called Giants, debuts and offers special insights through a series of interviews with pioneers and key personalities shaping modern aromatherapy. In this issue, editor-in-chief Gergely Hollódi interviewed Jan Kusmiek, who founded the influential Fragrant Earth Company some 40 years ago.

Over the 120 colorful pages in our Spring issue, we have some of the most knowledgeable aromatherapists and educators from around the world. This edition is full of inspiring and unique articles by authors such as legendary Dr. Daniel Penoel, his article The link of Fragonia and Kunzea ambigua with the deepest mystery of human life: sexual behavior. Kateryna Gurova’s article in applications connects us to the link between aromatherapy and higher levels of consciousness. In 7th sense Anita Kalnay speaks of discovering your evolutionary ‘practice’ as an aromatherapist.and Doreen DeSerres DuJardin shares her wisdom with connecting deeply with the oils to produce energetically powerful essential oils blends.


Gergely & Michelle

Get your copy of Aromatika Magazine!

To have your copy of our beautiful magazine, follow the link to the shop and get your download, or subscribe to become a four-seasons reader of our quarterly e-journal.

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