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Energetic Awareness

“All things have a vibration. This is a simple scientific fact. Yet, when we really think about these Vibrational energies, they suddenly become very magical and somewhat mysterious.”

“When we are our authentic self, we feel deeply with all of our sense. We have a certain sort of innocence that comes allowing our instinctual knowledge to naturally evolve. As we learn it, often is more of a validation and awareness of this intelligence that we encompass. Usually, people follow just their mind, not their heart. True wisdom must have both.”

It is a genuine gift as Doreen DeSerres DuJardin offers her guidance for integrating Body, Mind and Soul in a world of an unspoken language through our intuitive sense.

Doreen has resonated with the Spirit of Nature since her birth, interacting with forest plants as a child, while the Energetics filled her with awe. Her life’s purpose is communicating about wholistic wellness through herbal and aromatic botanicals, and she creates synergies with pure essential oils and bases. Doreen has tutored for the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and continues to share her vast knowledge of the Aromatic and Spiritual world.

We are grateful to have Doreen from Nature's Spirit Aromatherapy on board as a regular contributor to our magazine. We highly recommend reading her wisdom that helps many to fill a void on their Path.

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