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From plant to essential oil... and in transit

“What I know about health and natural remedies at 14 is not much. What I do know is that it is much simpler than the way adults do about it. Today's humans live with nature much less than our ancestors did. We don't observe nature or seasonal changes. We listen to the weather report and even get the news on our phone if a storm is coming. In contrast, our grandparents looked up at the sky, watched the birds fly, listened to the frogs, and knew almost the same thing.”

We are so honoured, and touched, and also thrilled to perhaps having set a record in the history of aromatherapy by featuring our youngest author in Aromatika! Balázs Surányi is an 8th grader of a Waldorf school in Hungary who engaged himself in research of plants, distillations and aromatherapy, hand-made an ancient-style clay distiller, and prepared a lovely lavender hydrosol for his school project. Please, read this extensive article from Balázs covering his year-around study assignment and sharing a lot of wisdom from that. Please pass this love and dedication for Nature and Life to the children around you! Bravo to Balázs, his mom Anna Surányi, all the amazing teachers and everyone who supported this outstanding exemplary achievement!

The full article from our honourable enthusiastic 8th grader Waldorf school student Balázs Surányi can be found in the AUTUMN issue of AROMATIKA Magazine (9.3.). We thank you for you support for reading us, for buying our latest - and our just as fabulous previous issues - please head over to our shop to get your copy of our super educative e-journal. And remember, if you like this article, please come back to us to let us know in comments or through our Testimonials page!

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