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From the creation of Osmobiose to the foundation of Quantum Aromatherapy Part 2

“In this new article, we will advance more deeply inside this discovery aromatic adventure. We start by learning a bit more about Taxandria fragrans, exploring the second essential oil that contributed to Rose-Marie's recovery process: Kunzea ambigua. We approach the creation of the complete picture of both essential oils making up the famous Eastern symbol known as "the TAO", with the interpenetration, inside a full circle, of the Yin side and the Yang aspect.”

Dr Daniel Pénoël is a Medical Doctor from Paris University and has been involved for over four decades in the battle to recognise natural medicine and Integrative Ecology. Dr Pénoël works in every aspect of the field and is also a global thinker and "a hands-on philosopher". He has travelled extensively worldwide to source and find new aromatic plants and the associated essential oils. Dr Pénoël has managed to combine his clinical experience, his medical skills and his vastly encompassing knowledge with his passion for creating and teaching a new grid of understanding based on the action of the essential oils: Quantum Aromatherapy®.

As one of the pioneers of modern aromatherapy, Daniel Pénoël reveals the next stages of his fantastic aromatic journey with two amazing Australian essential oils, Fragonia and Kunzea. The rest is now a fascinating history! We are hugely grateful that Dr Pénoël continues to write in English for us in his exciting series ‘From the creation of Osmobiose to the foundation of Quantum Aromatherapy’

Explore this substantial writing on the foundation of Quantum Aromatherapy in our truly educative AUTUMN issue of AROMATIKA Magazine (9.3.), and please leave you comments for us, as Dr Pénoël is just as excited to hear back from you as we our ourselves! If you have not got your copy of our e-journal yet, find it in our shop.

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