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Herpes simplex infection during a cancer journey

“After almost 30 years of working in the field of aromatherapy, I can still be impressed, and even moved, by the sheer wonders of nature and how my passion for Fusion AromaTherapy(TM) comes together in formulating for challenging symptoms for very ill patients. With my school Kicozo, the Knowledge Institute for Integrative and Complementary (Nursing) Care, I am frequently consulted by those working with the very ill and dying. Within just a few months of each other I was asked to intervene in two cases of Herpes Simplex Viral infections, severely impacting quality of life of two cancer patients, a lady in her sixties and a three year old girl.”

Madeleine Kerkhof is a former RN. Today she is an expert and world renowned educator in Clinical Aromatherapy, AquaCare and other complementary therapies. Her passion is to help integrate complementary therapies in mainstream health care. She is based in Holland and is also the founder and global director of her international school Kicozo.

Madeleine is a frequently asked speaker at conferences for professionals in health care, and we are utterly honoured that alongside her busy schedule teaching and taking care for the frailest patients, she sent us two case studies about the possible treatment of Herpes simplex supporting patients through their cancer journey.

You can read Madeleine’s highly informative case studies in the APPLICATIONS section of our SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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