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Interview with Dr Marco Valussi

“I wasn't looking for ancient techniques. In fact, in my travels, the aim was always to improve the processes, usually moving from ancient techniques such as hydro-distillation to more modern ones such as indirect steam distillation. The two countries where I worked the most specifically on distillation are Nepal, where the industry is quite important, where I learned a lot, and Colombia, where distillation wasn't that important. We were trying to develop the industry to give employment and economic support to the desplacados, those fleeing from the areas of guerrilla warfare.”

Dr Marco Valussi has been working with medicinal and aromatic plants for 25 years. He teaches, writes and consults about them. He gained his BSc. (Hons.) in Herbal Medicine in London in 1998, before that, he studied the use of essential oils in massage therapy. He is currently the production manager and scientific director of the Company Magnifica Essenza, producing high-quality artisan essential oils and aromatic waters in Italy, ensuring fair treatment of the growers, environmentally sustainable practices, and organic, artisan products.

Our editor-in-chief Gergely Hollodi interviewed Dr Marco Valussi on a range of highly exciting subjects from distillations, essential oils, current scientific project, as well as Marco's hobbies, and his thoughts about the aromatic community worldwide and the future of aromatherapy.

You can read the full interview in our TRADITIONS section of our super informative and engaging new SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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