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Let it glow: Natural skincare

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Does your skin need care? Today we pose this rhetorical question and come to pay more attention to aromatherapy applications for the skin in our daily practices. In our Beauty section, Giovanna Fischer from Brazil, an aromatherapist and energy healer who is passionate about beauty and skincare gives us excellent tips along with some blending recipes in her article ‘Let it Glow: Natural Skin Care’.

“Before starting, it is important to bring attention to our internal balance or even to our skin characteristics and nature. I have known people that have gone through all the skincare possibilities and learned to accept themselves the way they are. Not all skins will be the same. It is also essential to understand that if we have any hormonal imbalance, this will also impact the way our skin behaves. Taking care of our food intake, nutrients that are being ingested, and the amount of water taken is crucial. Many people look for face moisturizers but forget to take a good amount of water every day.”

We thank Giovanna from Meu Diário de Aromaterapia for her wonderful work offering some learnings about different treatments and easy ways of taking care of our skin, using only essential oils and 100% natural products. Please find the complete article in the winter edition of AROMATIKA Magazine. Download per issue or yearly subscription plan is available via our shop.

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