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Nature – Our teacher of natural living

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

“From where does this Beauty come? Where does it reside and upon whom is it bestowed? I ask these questions while reflecting on the allure of nature that surrounds me. Wherever I am, I see elegance and grace in the works of our natural surroundings and even sometimes in the creations from the human realm. Particularly from the works of the artists, musicians, gardeners and alchemists who create sublime essences from the roots, bark, leaves, flowers and seeds of aromatic plants.”

We are incredibly grateful for our special contributor Will Lapaz (Ravi Das) posing all these questions. While he has decades of experience working with essential oils and plant material, Will ignites our spark to go back and start our explorations from the source. Once having owned one of the most trusted and respected essential oil companies Eden Botanicals, Will continues to be a creative blender of essential oils for healing and for sensual enjoyment. Now creating under the label of The Perfect Essence in Hawaii, Will enjoys spending time with plants, nature, gardening, creating through the written word, practising traditional yoga and playing and enjoying music.

“Knowing plants is one of the keys to understanding essential oils and plant essences. The feeling of being a part of nature's cycles can help us in our distillation work or in creating essence blends, perfumes, filling bottles, making formulas or diagnosing and treating unbalance using our aromatic tools.”

We wish you will find a lot of wisdom and inspiration through Will’s evocative spirit which lets us humbly experience in the winter edition of AROMATIKA Magazine. Subscribe or download is available via our shop.

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