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Perfume as spiritual medicine – Five questions to help personal development 1.

“The pandemic gave people a rare opportunity to simultaneously have the same emotional experience. When you remember two years ago, at the onset, hearing that a mysterious and deadly virus was spreading across the planet, the whole world froze in shock, and at the same time, panicked in fear of death. We could not run or hide for long as it was an airborne pathogen. There was a general sense of helplessness, and we felt a profound sadness, recognising that the world was no longer safe."

"Then the anxiety set in. Some of us in the service industry, for example, were worried that without the movement of people, we would lose our jobs and means to feed ourselves. We simply could not do our everyday activities during the lockdown, such as visiting family, restaurants, and attending events. Moreover, the frustration of not being able to be of service caused anger, which led to feelings of resignation in many. In the "new normal", opinions became polarised, and it was difficult to distinguish right and wrong. We all realised that the simple joy of living had been taken away.“

Through his series of articles called ‘Perfume as spiritual medicine’ Bowen Wei, Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Japan literally offers us a fascinating in-depth self-discovery workshop through the pages of the magazine. In a humble way, when asked about his knowledge and experiences, Bowen states: “I owe it to my teachers. One such teacher was a student of Osho. He came into my life with messages that I was not even ready to hear. Shortly after meeting him, I decided to become a healer. I studied with the 64th and the first female leader of a Taoist clan from China who established the first acupuncture school in Hawaii. The magic she possessed was not something you can learn in school, but her presence alone taught what Tao was. My most prominent teacher came in the form of a plant, medicine from the Amazon. I learned to be patient and learned to forgive.”

This incredible workshop-in-an-article can be found in our APPLICATIONS section of our 2022 SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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