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Perimenopause and essential oils

“Perimenopause, which means "around menopause", refers to the time in a person's life when they have not quite reached menopause but are transitioning towards it. Perimenopause can last for ten or more years and is associated with a wide variety of impacts across nearly every system in the body due to increased hormonal fluctuations. Even though over 50% of the population will go through this transition during their lifetimes, there is a lack of research in general on perimenopause and even fewer on which essential oils could be beneficial.”

This is from a great article that was sent to Aromatika from The School for Aromatic Studies. In her graduate paper author Amanda Levinson defines perimenopause, describes the key hormones implicated in the impacts of this life stage and suggests potential plant essential oils that could be used as remedies.

Amanda Levinson is a social entrepreneur, Reiki master, certified yoga teacher, and level 2 aromatherapist based in Durham, North Carolina. She uses multiple modalities with clients, including energy work, breathwork, movement, and aromatherapy. Her resourceful study might ring a bell and give ideas to many who are going through a series of worrying symptoms in their bodies.

You can read Amanda’s full paper in our 2022 SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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