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Questionable aromascience

We at Aromatika Magazine have many friends in the artisan distiller community and do believe these people are genuine wisdom keepers of what aromatherapy has somewhat 'lost in translation' while becoming industrialised. And here comes Jan Kusmirek, founder of Fragrant Earth Company, with his thought-provoking article bringing more awareness on the Questionable aromascience!

Kicking off with logical questions, defining related areas such pharmacy, pharmacology and chemistry, Jan touches GC/MS lab readouts, rectification, nature's variability, purpose and profit and other factors that weigh in when evaluating essential oil quality. Bringing in an excellent example of French cuisine that strives for appreciation in quality, Jan Kusmirek points out: "Now aromatherapists should know that taste is smell – no argument but the UK consumer is renowned for cheap food price policies. Always consumer poverty is pleaded in UK as an excuse for purchasing poor food qualities due to the need for necessities like TV’s, mobile phones, toys for the kids, throw away clothing manufactured in sweat shops etc. This may seem harsh but the same mentality flows through into aromatherapy and essential oils."

Hope you would enjoy that excellent article just as much as we did. No matter of your level of involvement or current stage in the aromatic field, this article will surely contribute to your journey! You will find the article in the autumn edition of Aromatika Magazine (2021. 8.3.1)

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