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Re-birthing process at Aromatika Magazine

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Big Thank You To Founder Gabriella Schütz

While this winter issue of AROMATIKA has been in the birth canal, we also went through a re-birthing process as far as how our team at the heart of the magazine works. And we wish to say a big thank you and highlight Gabriella Schütz, who founded AROMATIKA with Gergely Hollodi in 2013, and has now decided to retire from active work with the journal. She wishes to spend more time with her three daughters, her scented jewellery brand Pomanders which immerses her in workflow, and on top of that, she returns to teaching French in a public school.

We are utmost grateful to Gabi, and also hopeful that she would continue to occasionally contribute to our magazine with her inspiring writing. Unquestionably, her wonderful piece in the autumn edition 'If the Essential Oil of Cistus Could Talk...' was one of the most popular articles amongst our readers.

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If you missed that scented conversation, you can still re-visit our shop and just right besides the fresh WINTER issue (2021. 8.4.1.), you will also find the AUTUMN one (2021. 8.3.1.) for your download. To have your copy of the magazine, follow the link to the shop and get your download, or subscribe to our quarterly e-journal.

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