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Sleep Problems in the Current Climate and How to Put Them Right

In our upcoming summer edition of Aromatika Magazine we will feature a new article from Master Herbalist Christine Herbert on the complex networks which create chronic inflammation and the use of herbs and natural healing to strengthen them.

Christine Herbert - FAMH, DipAET, BA (Hons) - qualified as a herbalist in 1997 and has been practicing and learning herbal medicine ever since. During the years of her practice she added many skills including nutrition, aromatic medicine and flower essence therapy in order to be best able to help the many people who came to see her. She retired from practice in 2019 so that she could teach and write using all the knowledge she had acquired. She served on the council of the Association of Master Herbalists for several years and was awarded an Honorary Fellowship on retirement. Previous to this she worked as a senior biomedical scientist for nineteen years for the NHS.

While we still have a few weeks left until our next summer issue is about to be released, in our throwback highlight we would like to bring the attention of all our readers - old and new - that in our in our 2021 Summer edition of Aromatika (8.2.1), we had the honour to feature another timely writing from Christine Herbert: Sleep Problems in the Current Climate and How to Put Them Right. You can still download that e-journal from us to add to your collection of aromatic wisdom.

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