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Smelling life smelling nature

"A not unreasonable question is whether Aromatherapy makes sense. It seems, in some ways, the word Perfumotherapy makes for a better understanding of what this therapy, which relies upon the sense of smell, can do for us. After all, fragrance has been with mankind for as long as time, whether for religion, diet, signalling or pleasure."

"The chemical composition and pharmacological properties are mainly used criteria, especially in clinical aromatherapy. In truth, most maladies can be attended to with a relatively small number of essential oils. In our enthusiasm for essential oils, sometimes we collect them like stamps. We acquire something less usual, say, monarda or bee balm, but rarely find a use for it. The plant is commonly available and a joy to smell."

"The idea of using the scent of real plants for health and wellbeing seems obvious but seems rarely done. Plants can be considered pets in some way. True, they need management and cultivation, but this is no bad thing for the elderly or infirm. Equally, living plants can be taken in and removed by a therapist as a service."

As always with Jan Kusmirek, founder of Fragrant Earth who has been around in the practice of Aromatherapy and Naturopathy for over 40 years, he offers us a lot of FOOD FOR THOUGHT in his fantastic article ‘Smelling Life Smelling Nature’. You will find Jan’s fragrantly sophisticated writing in our extensively educative SUMMER issue of AROMATIKA Magazine (9.2.), and if you have not got your copy of our e-journal yet, find it in our shop.

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