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The future of cannabis and complementary botanical medicines

Seems we have found another chemistry nerd to bring along in the series of our Aromatika meets Botanica2022 speakers list for today!

Colleen Quinn from Northern Ireland is a highly experienced and celebrated clinical aromatherapist, cosmetic chemist, researcher, educator and author, with two decades of experience in the field of plant science. She creatively married aromatherapy and technology in 2013 to create LabAroma her plant chemistry-based learning tool for the aromatherapy and herbal industry.

Colleen was insightfully early into the cannabis movement in California and Colorado giving her the expertise and skills to now specialise in cannabis and CBD formulation, research and education. She launched her exceptional Cannabis science course, 'LabCannamist' in 2020 and then her first book, 'The CBD beauty Book' in the summer of 2021.

With her formidable energy, Colleen Quinn will offer a lecture on “The future of cannabis and complementary botanical medicines” during the Botanica2022 conference, and she will also run a workshop there titled: “CBD and your Skin

It is the final countdown for the highly-anticipated 2022 edition of the Botanica Conference Series! Check out for more at the botanica2022 website.

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