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The Scented Star – A Fragrant Gaze at Jasmine

“…I find Jasmine a fitting choice in these turbulent times; its luminescent waxy petals and sweet hedonic scent provide a reminder that no matter how small, or diminished we feel, there is light in dark times. Its fragrance is a beacon of optimism, helping us when feeling disconnected or pessimistic and helping us rekindle our inner light and confidently defeat worry and doubt.”

“Its intoxicating fragrance is considered an aphrodisiac, used for promoting joy, optimism, self-confidence, self-esteem, compassion, unity of spirit and body, connectedness while combatting depression, anxiety, shock, panic, dispelling psychological tension and emotional blocks. Such an oil is not only a first choice in my perfumer’s palette, but its character lends itself beautifully to the esoteric, energetic, magical and spiritual realms, where subtle use allows its beauty and power to truly sing and help transform and elevate various states.”

Tanya Moulding is a Clinical Aromatherapist, Energy medicine practitioner and natural perfumer in the UK, who combines her work and time in Oncology and Palliative Care, botanical skincare and perfumery, as well as teaching and writing. In her 'Fragrant gaze at Jasmine' wonderfully written for our Spring issue last year, she offers a comparison through the subtle differences of the many Jasmine oils available today, along with her wealth of knowledge to help you create a soul-stirring blend.

Would you agree with Tanya The Perfume Mistress when praising The Scented Star to ‘spark your joy, recapture confidence, creativity and optimism’?

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