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Three plant extracts based formulations of vagitories in the treatment of vaginitis

"Vaginitis is the most common reason for visiting a gynaecologist and includes a range of symptoms related to the lower genital tract and occurs because of infection, irritation, and allergy. Disorders in the vaginal environment can allow the proliferation of pathogens that lead to inflammation of the vaginal mucosa."

"Antibiotics, contraceptives, sexual intercourse, stress, and hormones (e.g. hormone replacement therapy, HRT) can lead to the overgrowth of pathogens. Coloured and scented soap, toilet paper, irrigators, cartridges, tampons can cause chemical vulvovaginitis. Vulvovaginitis can simply be a response to the current period of body imbalance such as stress at school, work, and home, overuse of sugar, alcoholic beverages, increased sexual activity. However, recurrent vulvovaginitis may be part of a broader picture of chronic lifestyle imbalance, underlying conditions for vaginal flora disorders. In such cases, a simple lifestyle change with appropriate drug applications may be local treatments."

This article from Dr Peter Babulka in the PHYTO–AROMA NEWS section walks us around herbal preparations and research on three plant extracts based formulations in the treatment of vaginitis. Find the full series of phyto-aroma articles in the 2022 SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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