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Understanding Essential Oil Chemistry

If you are not a chemistry nerd, but… want to pick up some essential oil chemistry basics, or maybe refresh your knowledge of that subject, then here is our next throwback article recommendation to you. In the 2020 Winter issue (7.4.1.) of Aromatika Magazine the lovely Colleen Quinn from LabAroma was compiling a wonderful overview for our readers and sent us her article ‘Understanding Essential Oil Chemistry’.

“In order to appreciate the power and potential of essential oils, we need to have a level of understanding regarding what underpins the chemistry of chemical compounds. Identifying, classifying, and recognising the general properties and safety data of most of these common components that we regularly find in essential oils is very beneficial.”

From monoterpens to oxides, Colleen goes through 10 major functional groups we study when delving into the chemistry of essential oils. Common compounds, examples of essential oils that are rich in these components, and of course, their typical characteristics.

“You can see how different each family is, all with unique characteristics and potential therapeutic properties. I hope this leads you to recognise the opportunity to begin to learn your plant chemistry via a family classification system with the full knowledge that there is a lifetime of exploration at our fingertips if we want to dive into these phytochemicals with all their intricacies.”

What else to say? Don't forget to check on Colleen Quinn's CBD-related lecture and workshop at botanica2022 this weekend! The 2020 Winter issue (7.4.1.) of Aromatika and other inspiring and exceptionally valuable back issues are available in our online shop.

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