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A bay of inspiration and victory over the self

“Whenever I work with bay laurel and I show the essential oil to my clients, they are surprised by its gorgeous sweet, warming, spicy smell. At first, many don't even find it reminiscent to the greyish brown dried herb they perhaps use in cooking occasionally. As if bay leaf was Cinderella who got exiled to work unnoticed in the kitchen! What a shame for this beautiful humble servant…”

“In this chapter of my aromatic adventures on the island of Crete, I invite you to explore what sort of values we can draw from the symbolism of laurel, going beyond the linguistics of the word that has given us baccalaureate honour. Also, the magic of bay leaves is another profound opportunity to contemplate on how disconnected we human beings have become from the living and powerful Nature, and to explore more of its capacity to communicate via fragrances.”

Ildiko Berecz has been a prolific contributing writer to Aromatika since 2015, and joined the editorial team some years later. She is an alchemist and brings life-changing experiences through her inspiring transformative aromatic and botanical work on the abundant Mediterranean landscape of Crete. As a clinical aromatherapist, Ildiko Essential Reflections was led on the path of the aromatic distiller and dedicated herself to botany, herbalism and sacred plant communications. She teaches, writes, consults and guides conscious pathfinders and plant lovers, does field trips and mentoring on Crete and online.

In our 2022 AUTUMN issue, you can read this super interesting article from our editor and author Ildiko Berecz who will empower you by exploring how plant information can be evaluated on various levels. If you feel the call to read her passionate and enlightening articles, you might also be interested to seek out for other fantastic plant essays from Ildiko in our previous issues:

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