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From botanical perfumery to plant alchemy

“JOURNEY is a blend of passion reflecting a personal aromatic journey through the Mediterranean landscape of Crete island. A blend to convey the understanding that it is all about the ever-changing transformational nature of life. An elixir that helps to connect, encourage personal development and create harmony. A medicine to give clarity in a protected environment, from where you can tune in to your destiny by using the power of plants to find joy, empowerment and renewal.“ - Ildiko Berecz

“Part of the above description was from the perfume brief I had submitted to my inspiring teacher Roxana Villa Illuminated Perfume to complete her course offered through the East-West School for Aromatic Studies (now The School for Aromatic Studies) in 2016. It was quite sometime after wistful thinking that I finally gave myself the green light to follow the invitation of my heart. As I have done so for the past many years and with it attracting what I was aligned with.”

In our PERFUME Special Edition 2022 Ildiko Berecz, Aromatika's editor, is featured with an exquisite article in which she shares her story of a deeply transformative aromatic journey in Crete. Ildikó's eloquent style is reflected in her writings, including ‘From Botanical Perfumery to Plant Alchemy’, which we now share with our readers.

Ildiko Berecz, Essential Reflections is a modern-day alchemist from Hungary who now lives on Crete island and brings life-changing experiences through her transformative aromatic practices, teaching, writing, and photography. Ildiko’s daily life is a blend of working with people and plants, distilling, formulating, teaching and coaching, and her plant alchemy work inspires and empowers people all around the world. Read her latest transformative article and get inspired by her heart-opening perfume-inspired stories in the PERFUME Special Edition of Aromatika Magazine.

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