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Sacred oils from your garden

“Sustainability, the commercial harvesting of essential oils, the effects on indigenous communities and reducing our carbon footprints are all topics of concern for aromatherapists. These points have been worrying me because many of the oils I use in my practice as a Soul Midwife (holistic care of the dying) are now on the global endangered list.”

“Trying to find a practical solution to reduce my use of certain oils has encouraged me to increase my homegrown production of macerated oils.” - Charming Felicity Warner from Britain sent us her full-of-practicals article titled Sacred oils from your garden, which includes tips to make several infused oils.

Felicity Warner is the founder of the worldwide Soul Midwife movement and principal of the The Soul Midwives' School which she began over 20 years ago after sitting with hundreds of people at the end of their lives. She lectures at universities and international conferences and has written four acclaimed books published by Hay House called Gentle Dying, A Safe Journey Home, The Soul Midwives' Handbook and Sacred Oils – 20 Precious Oils for Healing Spirit and Soul. In 2017 she was named End of Life Care Champion by the National Council for Palliative Care at the House of Lords and End of Life Doula of the Year in the Good Funeral Awards and won an award as one of the Daily Mail’s most Inspirational Women of the Year.

In our 2022 AUTUMN issue, you can read this empowering article from Felicity who will inspire and teach you to make your own wonderful plant infused oils. If you find this article informative and soulful, you might be interested to read other fantastic articles from Felicity Warner in our previous issues:

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