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Short History of Using Natural Fragrant Materials

“The famous Eau du Cologne was created in 1709 and since then its popularity has not waned. Disputes of who really was its creator continue to this day. The basic formula states that it was composed of oils of some citrus fruits, rosemary, neroli, cedarwood, myrtle, petitgrain and sandalwood. Besides having an antiseptic effect, it was indicated for refreshing, relieving tension, anxiety and lethargy, and improving focus and concentration. Its scent was described as “reminding the spring mornings in Italy, the mountain daffodils and the orange blossom after rain”. With such description one should not be surprised at the popularity of that water or its many variations that followed. All of them were used as internal medications, too.” - Slobodanka Poštić

What a perfect closing of the Perfume Special Edition 2022 series with Slobodanka Poštić’s gift to our readers in the magazine: a full chapter with the history of using natural fragrant materials! A courtesy of Slobodanka, it comes from her latest book ‘Fragrant Signatures – Manual for creating natural perfumes’. Her fascinating manual is a theoretical and practical textbook on natural and botanical perfumery with wonderful descriptions, instructions and recipes for making your own extracts and tinctures from foraged raw materials.

Slobodanka Poštić, a nature admirer, teacher and aromatherapist, is the author of several books on aromatherapy in Croatia. Since 2005 she has been dedicated to natural perfumery through designing and holding workshops and courses, as well as establishing the School of Natural Perfumery Fragrant Signatures.

In the PERFUME Special Edition of Aromatika Magazine read this knowledgable gem and you will also be gifted by the recipe for a modern replica of Tutankhamun's perfume.

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