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The science and psychology of scent and how we can use it to shift our state

“Wearing or using scent isn't for anyone else. It's for ourselves. It's an act of self-care, but I think it goes much deeper. Many people who I spoke to hadn't really thought about why. All they knew was that it made them feel good, but they didn't know why it made them feel good.” - Karen Gilbert

“The fragrance industry and the companies that employ them constantly programme you to behave in a certain way when you smell certain products. That might seem a bit dark and nefarious, but knowing what happens here is fundamental to changing your own behaviour and using this programming as a tool for your and your client's benefit.”

Karen Gilbert is a fragrance expert, author, teacher and speaker in the UK, and has been using the power of scent for well over 30 years. Karen now shares some fragrance industry secrets and the science behind creating scents that make us (and/or our clients) feel good. Read this exciting fragrant article in the PERFUME Special Edition of Aromatika Magazine.

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