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Coffee flower

“This exquisite Coffee flower blossom is a rare delight! Seldom in this day and age is this extraordinary absolute used as it once was in high-class floral parfums and tropical bouquets. Think about it, most of the blossoms go to become coffee beans, so these petals are even rarer since we experience them before they metamorphosed, so to speak. “

“I love the Coffee Blossoms and so appreciate the Coffee brew, now more than ever. These thoughts are a tribute to birth and transformation in honour of my Beloved Thomas. Enjoy your time, along with the phases and the welcoming changes. Seek Joy even in sorrow.”

We are honoured that Doreen DeSerres DuJardin - a writer, teacher, and researcher in the US - has now long been offering her special connection and insights into the plant world for the delight and enrichment of Aromatika readers. Doreen began Nature's Spirit Aromatherapy in 1988, she has tutored for the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and continues to share her vast knowledge of the Aromatic and Spiritual world. Doreen also shares her aromatic journey in historic Onancock Virginia as she continues to plant her gardens and share her insights.

We invite you to read Doreen's emotionally touching piece of art on Coffee flower, a truly moving personal memoir in our 7th Sense section of our 2022 AUTUMN issue. If you resonate with Doreen’s graceful article, you might be interested to read more from her in our previous issues:

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